May 10, 2020

Announcements – Happy Mother’s Day! Virtual Hugs to you all! Additional announcements can be found by clicking here

PreludeAs The Deer/Fairest Lord Jesus

Call To Worship – Today is Mother’s Day! Pray for our Mothers!

Dear Friends, We come together to thank, remember, celebrate, the influence, the power, the sacrifice, the love, and the care of the women who have mothered us. Women who have given us life biologically, spiritually, emotionally, and the list goes on. To those who grieve for Moms who we can only carry in our hearts, to those who grieve the children they only knew in the womb, or their arms, or those who died too soon — to all those who have hearts that have been broken (& keep breaking) in the loving of their children — we thank you, and we honor you! We thank every woman that has shouldered the care and carries joy of being a mom, you are a hero. ~~American Baptist Women’s Ministries

Love Lifted Me

Oh How I Love Jesus

Offertory & Anthem This Amazing Love

Surely the Presence

Scripture & MessageMother, Behold Thy Son – John 19:26-27

Closing HymnCount your Blessings

Benediction Blessing

PostludeHe is Exalted