Allied Christians of TiogaACT Dinner

The ACT Dinner will be served starting at 5:00pm from the FBC-O kitchen until such time the Methodist Church resumes its operation.

On March 19th, the ACT Dinner transitioned from a sit-down event to a take-out/take-away operation. This approach continues here at FBC-O. Dinners will be brought from the FBC-O Kitchen by “runners” to the Church rear porch. The runners will be outfitted with protective accessories (mask, gloves).

Similar to the KIND Project, COVID-19 or no COVID-19, people continue to have needs, and in this case, folks need to eat. It is great to have ACT at FBC-O as our Church was one of the original creators of this program!

Operation Christmas Child

Each Box you pack helps a local church around the world tell a child about Jesus, God’s Greatest Gift. National Collection Week is November 16-23. Please return your box filled with love and prayers for a little one on Sunday, November 15th

Trunk N Treat

Saturday, October 31st – Spread the word! Join us! Trunk N treaters start about 4:30 so get here early to decorate 1at 3:00pm. We appreciate donations of candy, crackers, pretzels, small bags of chip, cookies etc. to hand out. Please place donations in the blue bin in the front of the sanctuary