The K.I.N.D. Project

The mission of The K.I.N.D. Project is to provide in-need families (with infants/children) with diapers and related health supplies.

There is a silent crisis in the United States as nearly 1-in-3 families struggle to afford diapers and related supplies for their children.  Families in our local community are likewise affected by this crisis.  Many of these families search for community resources to assist them; however, it is frequently the case that no community organizations are positioned to do so.   Children suffer when their diapers are not changed as needed and their bodies are not kept clean, placing them at risk of developing diaper rash, which at times can become severe.  It is also a fact that when there is stress in the home, children suffer.  Parents become stressed when they cannot find a community resource to assist them in their time of need.