Facing Fear & Trusting God

Week of July 18 to July 22nd

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We extend a special invitation to you to visit with us in worship.

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Perhaps you hesitate to attend church because you would not know anyone.  At First Baptist, we warmly gather in the stranger and the wayside traveler because we desire everyone to know they are a child of God.  We strive to put Faith and Love in Action, reaching out to all with love, caring and compassion.  There is a very special place reserved just for you in the Family of God here at First Baptist.


First Baptist is A Caring Community...
of diverse people finding a common purpose under the cross of Jesus Christ.  Nourished by God's Holy Word and corporate worship, guided through prayer and Bible Study, we seek to demonstrate God's care for humankind by striving to meet the needs found in our church, community and the world.

Caring Through Worship...
That you may know God's deep love for you through Christ Jesus. Music, Scripture, Messages, and participation by children, youth and adult lay leaders are all vital to our worship times. There is a place for YOUR gifts and talents!

Caring through Christian Education...
That every person has the privilege and the opportunity to study the bible, and learn more about God's Holy word.

Caring through Fellowship...
Ministering in Christ's name to all sharing in the life of the church.  Regular visitation, church dinners, social events, Women's Missionary Circles, Prayer Gathering...we enjoy being family!

Caring about our Community...
That we may reach out to serve others through various means.

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